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A key strategy of the Linfox Armaguard Group is to offer its customers a “value added-end to end” cash solution. In New Zealand this is achieved by bringing together the cash services provided via ACM NZ Ltd and the cash technology solutions of Integrated Technology Solutions Ltd (ITS). 

ITS builds on the synergies of our Group by offering our customers innovative solutions too our key markets of parking, retail, fuel and banking.

Through ITS our customers have access to major international technology brands and to new innovative solutions. Added to this is ITS ability to add further value by customising the solution further to meet the unique needs of the customer.

Over many years ITS has acquired extensive industry knowledge and maintains a product development team to create our own products. We have a proven track record of providing a complete, end-to-end integration service that brings all your hardware, software, reporting, revenue, security, and more together into a fully integrated solution.