We work with Wincor Nixdorf to bring advanced banking solutions to New Zealand with the CINEO and ProCash hardware systems.
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The CINEO C2060 is suitable for indoor use, perfect for branch and lobby environments. Its graphical user interface and component accessibility makes it one of the world‘s most user-friendly cash dispensing systems.

The CINEO C2060 comes in an ergonomic design that satisfies the requirements of all user groups.

This compact system delivers excellent performance thanks to enhanced multifunctional options such as innovative print, passbook and coin processing.

It is a highly serviceable machine, with a broad range of operating information delivered automatically, enabling efficient system management. Cutting-edge cassette and dispenser technology creates a unique, flexible system that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The CINEO C2060 available as a frontload or rear load system.


  • Up to 17″ monitor
  • Soft key and touch operation
  • Illuminated card slot
  • Attractive design
  • Customer guidance
  • Passbooks processing with vertical and horizontal folds
  • ZeKoSa reading unit, page-turning function and last line recognition
  • Retract and/or deposit compartment for passbooks and single sheets
  • Thermal two-colour printer
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • Coin sidecar


  • Mechanical and electronic locks
  • Anti-Manipulation card slot
  • Anti-cash-trapping sensors
  • Anti-skimming II module
  • EPP shield (ZKA/VISA-compliant)
  • Awareness mirrors
  • Privacy display filter for the monitor
  • Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA Stick
  • Cash removal, portrait and ID card unit camera
  • Optical Security Guard (OSG)

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