We work with Wincor Nixdorf to bring advanced banking solutions to New Zealand with the CINEO and ProCash hardware systems.
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The CINEO C2070 is a multifunctional ATM for indoor installations with cash in/cash out functions.

It is suitable for both bundle cheque and deposit transactions and offers outstanding performance. This machine has the ability to combine two multi-functions such as print, passbook, bundle cheque and coin processing, as well cash and envelope deposit.

Component accessibility combined with bundle deposit of up to 50 notes/cheques,

17” display and easy to use interface, ensures the teller is user friendly and offers great customer experience.


  • Cash/cheque Deposit Module with deposit up to 50 notes/cheques
  • Passbooks processing with vertical and horizontal folds
  • ZeKoSa reading unit, page-turning function and last line recognition
  • Retract and/or deposit compartment for passbooks and single sheets
  • Thermal two-colour printer
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • Coin sidecar


  • Mechanical and electronic locks
  • Anti-manipulation card slot
  • Anti-cash-trapping sensors
  • Anti-skimming II module
  • EPP shield (ZKA/VISA-compliant)
  • Awareness mirrors
  • Privacy display filter for the monitor
  • Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA Stick
  • Cash removal, portrait and ID card unit camera
  • Optical Security Guard (OSG)

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