We work with Wincor Nixdorf to bring advanced banking solutions to New Zealand with the CINEO and ProCash hardware systems.
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The CINEO C2560 is an ATM for outdoor installations. It is suitable for bundle cheque and cash deposit transactions.

This is a compact system that delivers solid performance with the possibility to combine two multi-functions such as print, passbook, bundle cheque and coin processing, as well cash and envelope deposit.

The 15” inch display, ergonomic design and easy to use interface ensure great customer experience.


  • Cash/cheque Deposit Module with deposit up to 50 notes/cheque
  • Passbooks processing with vertical and horizontal folds
  • ZeKoSa reading unit, page-turning function and last line recognition
  • Retract and/or deposit compartment for passbooks and single sheets
  • Thermal two-colour printer
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • 8 coin hoppers


  • Mechanical and electronic locks
  • Anti-manipulation card Slot
  • Anti-cash-trapping sensors
  • Anti-skimming II module
  • EPP shield (ZKA/VISA-compliant)
  • Awareness mirrors
  • Privacy display filter for the monitor
  • Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA stick
  • Cash removal, portrait and ID card unit camera
  • Optical Security Guard (OSG)

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