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SC1600 Note Counter

The ScanCoin1600 series note counter is a versatile desktop currency counter. It is the successor to the widely-used ScanCoin1500.

New electronics and more sensors mean higher accuracy and increased stability, while new software has simplified machine processes, with upgrading software as simple as connecting to a PC.

Counterfeit detection

The SC1600 series features unique and revolutionary technology to identify counterfeit notes. The machine uses sophisticated magnetic ink recognition, ultra violet and infrared recognition in order to verify banknote authenticity.

High processing speed and flexibility

The SC1600 offers a high throughput of up-to 1,500 notes per minute. Standard functions include continuous counting as well as variable batching of any quantity between one and 999 notes. The machine restarts automatically after each completed batch, in order to maintain high throughput.


  • SC 1600
  • SC 1600 UV
  • SC 1600 UV MG IR
  • SC 1600 UV 3D MG IR


  • External display


  • UV ultraviolet counterfeit detection
  • IR multiple channel infrared counterfeit detection
  • IP automatic selection of paper density and size
  • DD size detection (height - short side)
  • DE checking paper density
  • RS 232 interface connection for PC and SCAN COIN's software solutions
  • MG detection of magnetic ink
  • 3D additional size detection (length - long side)
  • MN on/off auto start function
  • SP three speed selection
  • Batching pre-set at 100, plus variable at one to 999
  • Carrying handle
  • Full numeric keyboard
  • Feed detection (size, half, double and chains

Technical specifications

Width: 270 mm/10.6"
Depth: 250 mm/9.8"
Height: 230 mm/9.0"
Net weight: 5.7 kg/12.6 lbs

Min. document size: 110x50 mm/4.33x1.97"
Max document size: 185x90 mm/7.28x3.54"
Speed range: 800/1,000/1,200/1,500 notes/min.
Input hopper capacity: 500 new notes
Output stacker capacity: 200 new notes
Power supply: 99-245 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 40 W
Feed system: Friction

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