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Scan Coin 8100 Value Counter

Whether you’re a retailer, banker or working in an exchange office, you need a note counter that you can rely on. The SC8100 Value Counter delivers:

Unique design features

  • A built-in carry handle for easy mobility.
  • Easy access to note path and sensor area for easy resolution of jams, feeding and cleaning.

Counterfeit detection

  • The latest sensor technology, including MG, UV, IR and image detection, to securely find known counterfeits.
  • Easy to update software means you’ll always be sure to detect even the newest counterfeits.

Saveable transaction data

  • PC Suite software and USB cable means transaction data can be saved to a PC file or database.

Multi currency

  • Up to five different currencies can be installed simultaneously.
  • Support for more than 40 currencies and new are added continuously.

Value counting and document verification

  • As well as value counting of currencies, you can also use this machine for document counting.
  • This feature is widely used in elections where a lot of time can be saved when skipping manual processes. Not to mention the improved accuracy!

Easy updates and upgrades

  • There’s no more waiting for technicians to arrive, with update SD cards sent to you for simple insertion in to the back of the machine.
  • Machine upgrades, such as adding another language or currency, is done through the USB connection and PC software by a technician.


  • External display


  • Multi currency, up to five.

Technical specifications

Width: 285 mm / 12.36"
Depth: 270 mm / 12.20"
Height: 280 mm / 11.34"
Weight approx.: 7.2 kg / 22 lb

Voltage: 100-240 V / 60/50 Hz
Counting speed: 900 / 1200 / 1500 note per minute (presets)
Hopper capacity: max 500 notes
Stacker pocket: max 200 notes
Note size: width 60–100 mm (1.97–3.43")
Note size: length 85–190 mm (3.94–7.09")
Note thickness: 0.08-0.12 mm
Material: paper and polymer substrates
Languages: English (optional other languages)
Sensors: CIS /UV /MG / IR
Display: 2.8” LCD
Interface: USB, SD CARD and serial

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