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Cash Deposit Systems

No matter where you want to install a cash deposit system, we’ve got a Scan Coin model to meet your needs. Each model we offer is in operation throughout Australasia, and offers direct deposit, immediate reconciliation and security receipts.

Scan Coin systems are great for:

Bank lobbies

  • On-line and Off-line stand-alone systems are available.
  • On-line systems enable direct depositing into customers' bank account.
  • Stand-alone systems print duplicate security receipts of cash deposited for attachment to deposit forms, at the bank teller.

Retail stores

  • Can be utilised in store as an internal system for self service cash draw deposit by staff.
  • Systems can be used for customer Christmas Clubs or loyalty schemes.

Transport depots

  • Enables self-service deposit of cash by bus drivers, ferry and train conductors.
  • Enables immediate verification and balancing to internal revenue systems.


The Scan Coin CDS series:

Scan Coin CDS 820i

  • Mid-sized system
  • Non-PC based
  • Sorting and Non-sorting configuration

Scan Coin CDS820j

  • Mid-sized system
  • Linux PC based
  • 7 inch colour touch-screen
  • Sorting and Non-sorting configuration

Scan Coin CDS9

  • Large-sized system
  • Windows based PC system
  • 15 inch colour touch-screen
  • Optional coin sorting for up to 8 denominations
  • Bundle note deposits and optional recycling

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