Retail - Cash Recycling

Shorten your cash cycle by making notes immediately available for dispensing.

Scan Coin RCS400/HCM

The Scan Coin RCS400/HCM system recycles both coins and notes. This minimises time-consuming manual counting and packaging and allows staff to focus on customer related tasks.


  • Automatic counting of takings by cashier or cash drawer
  • Automatic verification at any time of deposits or dispenses
  • Recirculating coins and notes within the store, meaning less need for buying cash
  • Saving and registering all activities for tracking purposes

Coin Capacity

10 Cents         2000
20 Cents         1800
50 Cents         1400
1 Dollar           1200
2 Dollar           900
Plus an additional three hoppers which can hold up to another 6000 coins

Note Capacity

8,000 Recycling capacity
2,000 Acceptance capacity
(All notes are flat packed into 5 cartridges)

Price available on application.

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